Yes, It may be one of the most pleasant sounding words in the entire English language, and it is a word that begins with Y. Plenty of other great words begin with Y. You is another fun Y word. Everyone wants to find the Fountain of Youth or feel young at heart. Yesterday is a famous song by the Beatles, as well as the day before today, and another great Y word. True, there may be a few bad Y words, yet it is hard to think of too many. Yup, overall Y is a great first letter. Yippee for the letter Y!
The letter Y is the 25th letter in the English alphabet. This makes it the second-to-last letter, followed only by the letter Z. It is the twentieth consonant.
The letter Y is sometimes considered a vowel

Your and you're are also two commonly confused words in the English language. Your is a possessive pronoun used when something belongs to you. You're is a conjunction which is short for you are.
Words that Begin with Y: Word over has a list of words that begin with Y. Considering the limited number of Y words on the list of common words, you'll be surprised just how many fun Y words there are. Definitons are provided when you click on a word, and thewords are divided and organized by the first three letters of the word.  Unusual Y Words: The Phrontistery has a list of some truly unusual Y words. These words definitely are not common and wouldn't make it onto that list of the top 1000! Yet, they are fun and interesting, so if you yearn to imrpove your Y word vocabulary, this is the place to go.

The Y Sound: Songs For Teaching has a great song to help young kids learn the letter Y sound. The song contains lots of Y words so kids can practice and identify both when to make the Y sound, and when the Y sound is silent.
“I” think that “I” is one of the most important letters in the alphabet—don’t you? It’s impossible to imagine an individual inscribing ideas impaired of “I”! The language would be incomplete! Inadequate! This is because the letter I happens to be one of the most-used, versatile letters in the entire alphabet. As the fourth most common letter, I is used 38 times more frequently than Q, X, Z or even J. I is also a word in and of itself, representing the first person pronoun.
Info About I
The letter B is the second letter in the English alphabet. When most people learn the letter B for the first time, they learn that B is for Baby. Most people are afraid of being stung by bee's (whose sound just like a single letter "B", even though there are 2 ee's on the end) and Shakespeare also inspired us to ask whether we wanted "to be or not to be". B is also a commonly used musical note (if you forget that fact, you can think of Every Good Person Does Fine- an acronym to help you remember the musical notes).
B Basics.....B is the first consonant in the alphabet.......B almost always sounds like "beee" in every word it is found in, except in the rare cases where it is silent (like the word debt)
B started as a diagram representing the floor plan of a house, in ancient African hieroglyphics.
Thats a lot of counting, to get a number with a B!.....Words that Begin With B. Words that begin with the letter B appear 4 times in the list of the 100 most commonly used English words. These 100 words make up 1/3 of all material printed in English. Since there are 8 A words in the top 100, this means there are half the number of "B" words in this list as A words- not bad for the B, since "A" is commonly recognized as one of the most important letters in the English language.
Be---By ---But---Been .  B's fare a little better when we look at the list of the next 100 most commonly used words in the English language. Here, the letter B manages to fill 5 slots. The next 100 words on the list, when combined with the first hundred, make up approximately 1/2 of all printed material in the English language.This means altogether, B makes up 9% of the words which comprise 1/2 of all printed material in English. Bravo to the B.------Back ---Before---Baby---Best---Big---Because
Brilliant B Resources. Now that the beautiful B has been brought to your brain, behold below a brief bit of information to bring you even more brilliance.
Preschool B Activities: First School provides a series of printable activities and worksheets designed to introduce the letter B to a pre-school audience. Resources include lesson plans, crafts, coloring pages and stories all focused on learning about the letter B.
Letter B Alphabet Activities: Enchanted Learning offers printable worksheets designed to teach the letter B to pre-K and primary school students. There are printable coloring book pages designed to help students learn to write the letter B, as well as worksheets teaching students how to write upper and lower case B's and identify B words. Unusual B Words: The Phrontistery provides a list of over 100 unusual B words. Many of the words are long and obscure, and some of the words are short and unusual. While there are only 2 B's available in Scrabble, it is a three point tile, so memorizing some unusual B words to use could certainly help make you a more formidable Scrabble opponent.
Words That Start with B: Word Over breaks down the most common combinations of B letters and provides links to all of the words that start with these combinations. The website provides a very comprehensive list of "B" words and its method of organization is quite unique. For example, did you know that there are 8 words in the English language that begin with the letters B ?
Adjectives that start with B: Your Dictionary offers a list of 20 popular B adjectives, along with some background on the B and some useful information about pronouncing this important letter
The letter A is an important letter in the English language. It is the first letter of the 26 letters in the alphabet. It is the first letter that most children learn when learning to read. Almost everyone remembers learning that A is for apple, or aardvark, or acorn. A is important for grow-ups too: there was a famous television show, called the A Team, 4 Aces are the best hand in poker, and a baseball team called the Oakland A's has numerous fans.There are literally thousands of A words in the English language, including the simplest word of all- "a".  All About "A"
The letter A has several different possible sounds. It can be a long, stretched out A like aaaay-corn or a short A, like actor. .....The letter A is one of the 5 vowels (A, E, I, O, U)
A is the most commonly used letter in the alphabet
The letter L is the first letter of one of the loveliest words in the English language: love. It is also a popular musical note: la is the sixth word sung as part of the famous Do Re Mi Fa So La Tea Do series of notes, and often used when people want to describe singing in writing (lalala). As the first letter of the world laugh, the letter L gets a lot of use in online instant messenger slang and texting slang: even non-tech savvy people are familiar with the expression LOL by now and know that it means laugh out loud. Since L is such a lovely letter, is it any wonder that there are lots of L words in the language?
Lots of L Info.....Unusual Words that Begin with L: The Phrontistery offers a list of unusual or odd L words, along with definitions for these obscure words. Look at the list to learn more.
Song to Learn The L Sound: Songs for Teaching provides a song that helps young students to learn how to properly pronounce the L. In addition to explaining the difference between L and W and helping to explain how to properly pronounce each, the song includes plenty of L words to help students perfect their L sound.
The letter “E” is one of the most versatile letters in the English alphabet! (See – we’ve already used it!) It is the most commonly used letter in no less than eleven languages. “E” is derived from the Greek letter Epsilon, which was used for many of the same purposes as the letter that we use today. Due to the Great Vowel Shift—a mysterious change in pronunciation in the English language—the letter is pronounced in two varieties: long (such as in the word bee) and short (like in the word bell). Every educated English student must examine E for etymology (that is, history) and exercise (that is, use)!
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About E
E is the most commonly used letter in the English language, among others.
The letter E is related to many other symbols and characters, many of which have been around for thousands of years. E is the basis for many other typological signs; for instance, the Euro symbol (€) and the sign for estimated goods in the European Union (e).
Words That Begin With E.- While E is the most commonly used letter in the entire English language, it isn’t the most frequent in terms of the first letter of a word. In the list of the 100 Most Commonly Used English Words, the letter E only appears one time. However, this word is a part of the group that comprises a full quarter of all words written in the English language. The word is…each.
And each is number 44 on the Top 100 list. Although this may not seem that impressive, just think—what an exquisite achievement it would be to have the song you wrote or the movie you produced as #44 on the Most Important of All Time list! On the next most common 100 words, however, the letter E appears twice: End ---Even . Since these 200 words make up one half of all words written in the English language—the letter E represents a full 1%. Grammar Words That Begin with E
Ellipsis – An ellipsis is a series of periods used to trail off… See? It works well in writing when conversations die down, or even in online chats when a person doesn’t know what else to say.
Euphemism – This means a dirty or inappropriate word replaced by a more acceptable one. It’s why we say, “Oh, darn!” instead of... well... you know.
Expletive – An expletive is a useful word used in sentences when the verb comes before the subject. For instance, “there aren’t any people here” uses the expletive “there.” An expletive is also a word that we use instead of a euphemism: instead of “Oh, darn!” we would say—well, you know.
Excellent "E-Sources". Unusual E Words - The Phrontistery has a list of unusual words that all begin with the letter E. Definitions are provided. Letter E Alphabet Activities – For lower-level students who want to learn a thing or two about the letter E, this website has it call. Coloring pages, matching activites, tracing and sketching make this website endlessly fun. The Letter E Resources – EdHelper is a resource that many teachers use to find interesting worksheets and activities for their students. This website includes coloring sheets and wordplay activities, but it also includes exercises with the letter “E” in other languages.
History of the Letter E – This website has a diagram that shows how the letter E has evolved through history, from the ancient Ethiopia hieroglyph to the modern representation of the lowercase letter.
The H is one of the happiest letters in the English language. After all, think of all the great words that begin with H. "Happy", for one, of course. And "haha"- the written words that signify laughter. Hope, home, hallelujah, and help are also great H words (although "help" could be either a positive or a negative word depending on whether its being offered or requested). Of course, H is not always a positive word- Heck, some downright hopeless words start with the letter H. Overall, though, H seems to be a healthy, glass-half-full, positive sort of letter.
Helpful Hints about H. H is the 8th letter of the English alphabet
H can sometimes be silent, or when combined with a p, make an "f' sound (like phone).